oh how i love children

It came naturally.  I opened up my arms, she turned to me and I lifted her up.  In a matter of seconds, she wrapped her arms and legs around me – as I wrapped my arms around her, holding her near.

Four-year-old Leah trusted me within seconds, as well as her five-year-old older sister Christine.

I held her as worship at church began, singing the first song and rocking this precious little girl.  I didn’t say it out loud or to anyone, but I didn’t want the moment to pass.  When the first song came to an end, I sat down still holding her and the moment she realized this, she quickly moved went back to her grandma.  As she left, I felt my heart rip out.  Later her sister told me she is a shy one.  When announcements were done, I took Christine up into my arms and she stayed there for the majority of worship.  I sang, teased her by touching her nose and we laughed a lot.

I know this beautiful little girl and her sister are not mine.  And it’s okay.  They simply reminded me how much I love little ones.  How my heart just attaches itself so easily.

Not to mention how right it feels when I hold a child and am allowed to love him/her.

I’m tired of saying: When I have kids…  It’s stupid.  If I truly love kids, I’ll love them now – despite if they are mine or not.  I just want to be around them and love them.  I want to affirm them in the truth of what love really means.  I want those small little arms to find comfort in me.  I want to be a safe person – one who cares and loves.

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