to be bamboozled

A chill ran down his back.  She had done it well this time.

Troy didn’t need much — just a slight push and he went over the edge.  All she had to do was nudge him and he soared like a restless eagle.  There was nothing that could find itself strong enough to halt him.  He became jelly at her bare feet and angered with a black wave of hate.  Consumed by the devastation of a fruitless marriage, he consoled himself with his manly ability of storming out of their small two-room apartment.  Even though, it did make him feel like an arrogant fool.  At least his action would show the fuel she stirred in him, and maybe she would fix herself by the time he decided to return.

“Bullocks.”  He grunted under his breath.  She wouldn’t ask for forgiveness or even acknowledge how she toyed him.

Anna Elizabeth was good at keeping her cool.  Her face was stern and unyielding.  She had the special ability of keeping her face blank of emotion is she so choose.  She never got angry or hateful, but she zipped her lips and didn’t say a word.  Eventually, her eyes would beg him to pry and when he tried to find the answer, she’d whip him with her vengeful words.  All his attempts fell as worthless and broken leaves at her feet.  Her quiet stare caused the swelling in his soul to increase and relent for his foolishness.

“What a blimey fool,” his grunt only grew.  “That is what I am!  A fool… bullocks.”  He ran his fingers through his hair and clutched his fist over them – gripping the curls.

Not long and he realized the stares, but they weren’t foreign.  He had gotten used to the old ladies whispers and the old men grumble, the high pitch uncertainty in the ladies and the smirk resting on the lips of men, the children’s giggle at his mischief.

Their looks, their whispers – their judgment was not new.

They say Troy doesn’t love his wife well — they say it to his face, they say it to his back, they say it to his sides, they say it to him all the time.  They think he is funny for trying to understand her and make her happy.  They say he should have stopped long ago – for his attempts only sicken the very being of her personhood.  They say it was a mistake for Anna Elizabeth to marry Troy.  His pretty looks and shy smile was what got her!  They condemn him for his cunning ways.  They say he is cunning, but they forget how cunning Anna Elizabeth can be also.  Did she not sweep him into her embrace?  Just to anger another man?  Didn’t they end up marrying in Las Vegas, because she couldn’t hold her hands to herself and wanted to prove she was the dare devil she is?

Yet somehow, Troy is remembered as the one who bamboozled Anna Elizabeth into the wedding chamber.

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