the many adventures of a journey

True joy comes through small struggles…..

This past week a friend and I traveled down to Kansas City, MO.  We were blessed and another friend lent us his awesome Honda Civic, which does awesome on mileage (not that I know much about that…).  Here’s a list of random and heart-racing things that happened on our journey down & up.

  • Sara got threaten of getting a ticket at the tollway – they wouldn’t take her MasterCard.  At first, she thought she didn’t have any cash, but eventually realized there was some in the car.
  • While we sat in the parking lot at Target the car got hit by a cart.
  • Our place to stay at KC changed four times.  Morgan called and changed it on us and said he would contact the first person he told…. he never did.  We were first going to stay with a Sarah, but she didn’t want two people.  So then we changed to Karissa, then to Kelly, but Karissa called and said we could stay with this girl named Lily.  In the end, we stayed at Kelly’s.
  • Morgan gave us the wrong # for Karissa – Sara and I called that # twice and got a random guy at an office desk named ‘Jonathan.’
  • Soon after getting on the highway, we had to take the exit and I didn’t realize it immediately.  By the time I did, I cut in front of another and got to the exit.  The woman driving got pissed at me and tailgated me until she drove beside me.  At first I tried not to look her way, but eventually I did.  Needless to say, I got flipped off several times.
  • After pulling off the intersection for a rest area I hit the curb with the car.
  • Later in the day (after another rest area stop), I realized I wasn’t driving on ‘D’ but ‘S.’
  • When night fell, a car behind us began to creep me out.  The car had four lights (two on top and two on the bottom).  The driver turned them on and off a couple of times and then the third time I told Sara to look.  I freaked out thinking he was following us – Justin said it was a spiderman car.
  • Eventually, we realized out headlights were off….
  • Before we got in Missouri we stopped for gas.  Sara ask the person there “What state are we in?”  He looked at her funny and said, “Iowa.”
  • Sleep driving…
  • For the whole way down to Missouri we used two GPS’s at once.
  • We went to IHOP (international house of prayer) for 30 mins before heading to the place we’d be spending the next three nights.
  • Sara and I had some difficulty finding out place to stay – we might have tried to get into the wrong house.  Therefore, essentially, we could be qualified for breaking into a stranger’s house.  We had the password for the garage and kept coding it in and gave up when it was time to look at the house number again and find we had the wrong one.
  • Our last night there we decide we would only stay at Ihop until 10pm – however, when the time came neither of us wanted to leave the prayer room.  We stayed till midnight and got up at 5am the next day… to drive all day.
  • At a gas station, Sara opened the door and hit it on a cement wall – no damage.
  • We had to stop at my uncle and aunts, and I picked up the van I would be driving.  Sara and I drove separately for the rest of our journey.  On Friday we drove to Grand Rapids and then Saturday, the two-hour drive to Traverse.
  • I backed up into a car and a wall with the van, while at two different tolls.  God blessed me with no real damage.  The car I hit didn’t have a scratch and the girls driving took my number and left – after scary every fiber of my bones.
  • My cell phone was dying the whole way to GR, because of battery, the cruise was having its difficulty working in the van and Jonathan’s GPS was freaking out.
  • The initial arrival to Grand Rapids was 11pm, but we didn’t arrive until 1 am.
  • Sara and I stayed up till 4 am talking with Sara’s friend – then got up after 7am in the morning.
  • After getting back to Traverse things were good, we thought we’d finished our journey without any real damage done to anything.  From all the things that could have happened – however, Sara ended up getting rear ended with a three car pile up, while it was raining!  One car hit another and the other hit Justin’s.  Thankfully, the damage wasn’t intense or really bad, but Sara was completely overwhelmed.  It made her last day in Traverse really hard.  Not to mention, the battery of the car ended up dying because of the emergency lights were out.  So she sat out in the rain for a while.


  • The whole trip, despite the hiccups.
  • Justin’s generosity.
  • Morgan’s wiliness to find us a place to stay and help if needed.
  • IHOP!!!!!
  • Driving & spending time together.
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