traverse city

Time to share about my changing times.

The last two weeks and a half of my life have been beyond anything I could have hoped, anticipated or desired.  My days and life look completely different then they did while enrolled in College.  My soul has rested.  My heart has found peace about my life and future.  I feel free from the constant nagging of staying on top of things and beating time to get work done.  Life feels like an extended Sabbath.  A beautiful Sabbath that I never want to end.

And although, I know for many working people my life may seem so far from understanding, I hope it might bring some courage and fullness to you.

Currently, I am apart of a house of prayer in Traverse City, MI — called, GTHOP (Grand Traverse House of Prayer).  I’m a mix of a full-time and part-time on staff member.  What does this mean?  I spend half of my week inside the prayer room.  My hours and days are: Tuesday from 4 – 8 pm, Thursday 3 – 8 pm, Friday&Saturday noun – 8 pm in the prayer room.  (At the moment, I am there all hours GTHOP is open, expect Tuesdays, because I go in at 4pm and not noun.)

One of my favorite parts of being on staff with GTHOP is how much time I spend worshiping, reading and learning about God.  I read so much more of my Bible now than I did in the past.  I’m living at a place with no wireless Internet and although, this was a bummer at first, I am so thankful.  The only way I can get on the Internet is by going to a bookstore, library or coffee shop.  I love the absence of Internet – I feel like my life has simplified by the lack of being online and being present with people around me.  I have always had a problem with wasting time and now my time feels well-spent.

The adjustment to my new place of living until mid-July surprised me.  I have felt so accepted by the community of GTHOP.  So loved and welcomed.  God has placed some wonderful new friendships in my life – that have truly blessed me beyond words.  He has knitted my heart to this place.  A place I have never had any ties with.  Not necessarily in regards to the house of prayer only, but the way of life, the people, and my environment.

I don’t exactly have a job yet.  However, I’m not concerned at all.  I believe God will provide all I need and He already has provided in ways I never expected.

For example, right now I’m sitting in the prayer room in Kansas City, Missouri.  I drove down yesterday with a new friend that I feel like I’ve known for years.  A friend with whom I clinked almost instantly.  A friend who is teaching me so much.  She has been so wonderful, her friendship life-changing.

My life is completely and utterly different from a month ago.  There are no regrets, no ‘I wish to change’ feelings.  Everything has led from one blessing to another.  God satisfies the soul; there’s no better way to put it.  He is the only source of life.  The only thing that makes sense.  The only one who makes me truly happy.  The only reason for living and breathing.

And He gives such good gifts.

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