less than a week

I don’t understand the chasm of time.

4 years have flown by.  My anticipation for this season has been long and desirable.  I still cannot wait for the day of my graduation – walking in front of everyone and taking my diploma.

But – still.  The 4 years here have flown by.  Within a day or so, I will be gone not to return in the same way, ever.

If no one else has watched me grow, I have watched myself.  I have seen me change from a secluded minded person to something bigger and greater.  I have come to love the world around me and imputed with a desire to explore its depth.  Never before in my life have I longed to travel or to reside out in a desert.  I’ve never been to a desert.  I’ve never traveled somewhere simply with friends – but maybe one day I will.

In the past, when I’ve heard of people’s wanderlust – I’ve found it ridiculous.  However, there is nothing ridiculous there.

I dream of simplicity.  I hope to gain it soon.

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