i like these days

Certain days give me strength.  They remind me of sovereignty.  Of goodness.

The weather was absolutely beautiful today.  I got to wear shorts and not feel like I was freezing.  I love warm weather – there’s just something to it.

I ate lunch with this great girl, today.  Her name is Kelly and just the thought of her makes me smile.  She’s so passionate and driven.  So precious.  Her eyes lit up when she speaks about something dear to her heart.  I have felt so privileged getting to know her.

With a class canceled today, I found myself with extra time.

I returned to my apartment and then left about an hour later on a bike.

At 3:30 I had plans with a friend.  Her name is Melodie and we’ve been trying to get together all year.  We barely know each other; once last year, we had a really amazing talk.  By accident.  Anyways.  Our meet was so wonderful.  We just sat outside and chatted for two hours.  Random people came by and the day just slipped by nicely.

I learned lots I did not know.

After that, I went on a bike ride out to the lake.  Spent some time alone enjoying the nice evening.

Currently my legs are warn-out by the long day, but the simpleness runs with me.

Today was a good day.

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