to dr. professor of mine

The darkness of man is scary.
Hatred moves in slowly and finds
a way to take control.  I hear it mock my weakness
Tell me how silly I am.  How can I refuse the power of darkness?  My mind
My brain hurts.  I cry out of despair; what is this feeling?  A bitterness,
a hatred?

Beckoning me to follow.  Shallow myself in anger, fury.  I want to defend myself, not
trample over my pride and lay silent.  The thought of allowing him to believe
I accept and believe, I am wrong, APPALLS ME.

I want him to pay.  I want him to feel crushed and defeated.  Spoken to as if he is a child.  I
want to make him cry, as I cried.  Bitter and painful.  Lost and in despair.

Hatred.  This is hatred and it scares me.  This is not me.  This is darkness.

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