the thoughts that knock on my mind

The honesty of all honesty.

I should be in bed.  I told myself I would come back to the apartment and go to bed.

Obviously, I am not asleep.  Something about the night soothes me.  I have nothing pressing me, but sleep.  I don’t have to get ready and head off to work as I do each morning.  I don’t have to do anything, but sit.  My time to finally unwind.

The clock clicks.  Everything else is still.

My pressed emotions rise.  I remember my tears shed last night.  They were such a relief.  Emotions held down for a long time only plague me more.

What happened today?  It was full of a mixture of doubt, happiness, fellowship, anger and maybe greed.

It all makes me wonder: how can I experience so many things in one day?

I look forward to another bike ride.

This time maybe with headphones in – bike and worship.

Yes, please.

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