and now to end this lovely holiday…

A night of thanksgiving:

Tonight, I drove back to school without my GPS.  I not only feel accomplished for my free-GPS drive (honestly, I don’t know why this was my first!), but also for enjoying my drive home.  Normally, one eye will be on the road while the other watching the time — keeping track how much time I’ve ‘won’ and how much I’ve ‘lost.’  My free-GPS drive brought a resounding enjoyment of the ride.  I was not concerned about how much time I had left and the drive didn’t feel as long, tiresome, or boring as it has been sometimes in the past.

Thanks to a Best Buy worker named Jon, I can now enjoy my CD player in my car once again!  For months now, I have gone stereo-less — prompting me to either sit in silence (which on long rides makes me tired) or use my iPod with headphones.  I looooved the headphone-less drive!  Plus, he was just great!  He came out and pulled the how stereo out and fix it — free-of-cost.  I don’t feel like I should have been surprised, but I was.  The whole drive back to my aunt and uncle’s, I drove in astonishment.  I’m not exactly sure why; however it seems, many try and take advantage of my ignorance toward certain things (concerning my car), I guess it was refreshing to have someone help me out without having any other strings attached.

Lastly, sometimes holidays remind everyone of what they don’t have and want they want.  An annoying edge I struggled with slightly this past week.  However, as I drove into the night, I came to realize I have so much to be thankful for — not only car related business!

I don’t know.  The drive was just refreshing.

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