struck by the character of jimmy k.

“Do you have any cool games on that?”

Came a voice out of no where.  His presence filled the previous non-eventful atmosphere.  I sat on a couch with my cousin, Sarah.  The service at the church had just ended five minutes ago, we’d eaten our donut with quiet enjoyment, and I was giving her the down-lo on the definition of ‘coffeeshops’ in Amsterdam provided by yet another cousin.  Quite, frankly, I was cracking up by the idea of me actually visiting one of those crack, lets say, coffeeshops places.  I thought it was utterly hilarious I had been recommended to check it out — in a sense.

And so, he took me by surprise.  My cell phone was in my hands and his eyes couldn’t peel themselves away from looking at the tiny screen in the distance.  I let out a laugh, at first I didn’t think he was completely serious.

“Uh… maybe.”  Finally came my slow response.

“Can I see?”  He asked, desperate – it seemed – to know the answer, to ask his question.  I wondered how long he’d kept the question quite, wondering about the silent answer.

I let out another light laugh, a responsive shock — my cousin did the same.  The thought unbelievable bugged my mind, but I loved his presence.  I loved not having to sit there on that couch and wait for the rest of my extended family to be ready to go.  I don’t blame them, it’s their ‘home’ church — fellowshipping and conversing with others, is basically a necessity.  I understand, I just didn’t feel like waiting.

“Uh… sure–” I finally, replied after a while, clearing the screen of my small cell phone.  “Just so you know,” I began wanting to clarify, “I don’t have anything fancy…”  I barely play games on my cell phone, expect sudoku.  It’s an easy one.

He edged closer to me and the cell, leaning on me.  I didn’t know this kid, but I just loved him.

“I’m gonna go get a donut!”  He spoke randomly and running off.  He was gone before I could even think.  I barely even heard what he said.

“Wait—is he coming back?”  I asked confused.  I had no idea what was going on.  This kid came out of nowhere and then disappeared…

“He said he was getting a donut.”  Sarah said.

We both laughed, his random approach and blunt questions brought life.  In my eyes, he had no fear — I admired him.

Then he was back, leaning on me, eating his donut and holding a cup of juice.  Boy went all out!

“What’s your name?”  I asked, curious.

“Jimmy K…”

“What is it?”

“Jimmy K…!”  I never did catch his last name.  I forgot it soon after he told me.

“Okay.  So these are my games… Monopoly –”

“Oh!  Monopoly, monopoly!  I’ve never played that before!”

“Alright,” I nodded, with a smile.


“Oh, looks like I have to download it—just a sec.”

The game got downloaded.  But Jimmy couldn’t play it.  I had no idea how it worked and neither did he.

Next game…

“Lets do multi-player!  Multi-player, so you can play!”


“Yay!!!”  He edge near.


“Sorry — actually, only one person can play…”  I told him, not taking time to explain that in order for others to play, we’d need more cell phones.  The multi-player wasn’t for more than on player on the same cell, but multiple cells connected together.

He never protested as to why.

Later he played Sims 3.

While he was playing…

“What grade are you, Jimmy?”


“Jimmy… what grade are you?”

“Oh!  Oh! I — I know this.  I know this!  I’m four–fourth grade!”

Obviously distracted by playing this game.

“How old are you?”


“Jimmy — hey.  How old are you?”

“Ten!  I’m ten.”

“Okay, Jimmy.  When I have to leave you’ll have to give me my cell back — you know that right?”


“So Jimmy — does your mom let you play games at church?

Silence, earlier he’d mentioned he has an iPod touch and plays games on there.

“Huh, Jimmy?  Does she?”


“Does your mom let you play games at church?”




“Does your mom let you play games at church?”

“Oh-huh,” (quietly), “No…”

I looked at my cousin, she smiled.

“I don’t know if I should stop him or not.”  I told her; I really enjoyed his cute personality and company.

“Hey Jimmy, where’s your mom at?”


“Where’s your mom at?”

“She’s — she’s in her class…”


“Downstairs, with–with kids.”

“Ah! Okay.”

“Jimmy remember how I told you I would had to take my cell from you when it was time for me to go?”


“Well, I have to go now.”


“I have to take my cell phone…”

“But—I beat your record!  I’m beating your record!”

“Oh, wow, well I have to take it…”  I pulled the cell phone from his hands.

“Will you keep playing?  Will you?”

“Yeah — I will.”

Jimmy stood and saw a ball, started playing with it, and mumbled things I cannot remember.

I didn’t keep playing.

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