seeking for simplicity? try silence. that’ll simplify your beautifully busy life

You know what I love?  I’ll tell you.  I love sitting in Barnes & Noble with no expectation of my time.

What a beautiful and fruitful day.  I spent four hours in – well, basically – silence today.  (Now, I did spent a minimum time praying out loud at first and then said a few hello’s, but the majority was spent in silence.)  For 2:30 hours I was good.  God and I were on the same page.  I even experience a cool little guidance moment with Him — amazing.  However, the last 1:30 I just checked out.

A snap happened and I was out of my restless pursuit of His presence.  I knew He was all around, so why keep trying to press in?  I think that was my conclusion.  And you know what?  I think it’s okay.  I told Him, I said, “God.  I’m tired of this.  I’m ready to be done with this 4 hour silence thing.  Really.  Please make my alarm go off.”

The alarm didn’t go off when I wanted it.  Soooo, the silence continued and continued.

Even though my heart was picking up a restless spirit, I still love that I stayed silent.  I tried my hardest and well, left the park earlier than I should (but the silence had remained!). I cherish this morning; oh my goodness, so much.  I felt bound by the time of my silent retreat — but it was beautiful.  The day was beautiful.  The sun was beautiful.  My heart feels beautiful.

I realized something pretty cool, for me.  My heart yearns – deeply yearns! – for a simple life.  A life not full of chaos and business, but SIMPLENESS.  That’s what I want.  A genuine simple life, with a simple life.  SO.  What did I realized?  Silence simplifies life.  Time slows down like crazy.

Seriously.  I compared my time spent (for 4 hours) on the computer, to my 4 hours of silence — and well, everything slowed down.  I enjoyed just soaking up the sun.  My mind slowed.  Thoughts did stream thought my oh so thoughtful beautiful mind, but I wasn’t bombarded by my usual non-stopping thoughtful mind.  It was just beautiful.  I’m not going to lie, I did get tired and bored of doing nothing.  But, in the mist of my boredom of the silence, I felt peace.  My life had been simplified.

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