spring arbor concert

Yesterday, SAU hosted a concert for two bands I had never heard of before.

When I realized yesterday was the day of the annual concert in the Fall, I dreaded the night coming.  My day was pretty full and at the end of the day I did not want to go to the concert and mingle.  I’m not a good ‘mingler’–at least, I tell myself so.

Last night, I was proven wrong.

The concert was to begin at 8 pm.  At 7:30 pm, I would head over to the plaza to meet up with one of my roommates.  We’d head to a building and get ice-cream.  (An event for pro-life was giving out free ice-cream and my roommate wanted to find out more about it.)  We got there at 7:45 pm, my guess.  Their ice-cream was all out.

We headed back to the plaza, she had been volunteering for the concert–doing admission (taking people’s money and giving wrist-bands).  I was stuck on my own.  She was going to be busy until 8:30 and I said I’d wait for her.  I felt like I needed to hang out, even if by myself until then.  We said goodbye and I turned to walk away.  Ready to call my aunt in order to take up time.  However, before I could, I saw someone I knew.  I tapped her shoulder, she turned, we hugged and talked.  Then I said goodbye.

The whole 30 minutes, I saw some people I knew, mingled and wondered around on my own.  When my roommate, Julie, texted me that she was all done–I went to find her.  I felt accomplished.  I hadn’t minded listening to the concert on my own and I had seen many people, I had not expected.  The night ended up being better than I ever thought it’d be.

I truly enjoyed it.

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