august 14, 2011

I was born on August 14th.  The day I am celebrated for my birth.

Today I turned 21.

Today I closed the 21st year of my life.

Today I am considered a full-adult.

Today turned out to be completely different from what anyone could have ever expected.

On Friday and Saturday, I had the privilege to visit two countries I haven’t been to in years; Skopia and Kosovo.  (Be as it may, I’ve grown up calling it Skopia and find it incredibly off if I call said country Macedonia.  Just a fyi. )  The last time I was in Kosovo was about 10 years ago, right after the war.  I felt such joy being in the same place I had spent years ago, seeing such change all around.  From nothing, they have grown into something.

Therefore, plans for my birthday were not scheduled until late Saturday evening.  Typical thing to happen, I can’t say I minded.  Truthfully, I prefer when others plan things for my birthday and not myself.  It’s odd to request people to celebrate me.  Anyways… We planned on going to Waterland – a water park I absolutely love.  Not because it has slides and pools, but because of the many fond memories I have from it.  I basically grew up at Waterland, when I was younger.  We would spend the day there and then go out for my birthday dinner at TGI Friday’s.  A family tradition.

Yet, when morning came around everything change.  My younger sister Kali ended up feeling really sick.  She’d been feeling sick all weekend, a stomach ache.  We went to church, she came as well, and by the end of it she had thrown up four times already.  We both went home right after church and she threw up about four more times.  Mom and Gina came back about 30 minutes later and we took her to the hospital.  She had caught a stomach virus, a really serious one.  She spent most of her day in the hospital.  Everyone apologized for basically no celebration on my birthday.

All the while I thought: how humbling.  Few serve others on their birthdays.

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