2 am …

“I’m done driving!  We need to get gas because there won’t be any after this.”  Are the words I remember coming out of her tired and exasperated mouth.  Her words were sharp and fast.  I barely remember the exact things she said.

I had been awaken from sleep—I think.

I sat up, too slow to react or say anything.  Before I knew it, Erin was out of the car.  Going who knows where.

Looked back to Jodi and Jamin–Jodi looked just as tired as I.  Jamin got out of the car and the two of us was left inside.  I tried explaining to Jodi that we should move our things from front to back and vice versa.

“Why aren’t you coming out?”  Jamin asked her.

“Because… I’m going to move these things in the front.”  Jodi whined back–which would only mark the beginning of all the whining that followed.

Soon enough, the three of us were headed for the inside of the service center.  On our walk there I noticed one of the eating places said they had soup.  When we walked in, I saw it was closed.

We got to the door and Jamin moved forward to open it.  His eyes, my guess, falling on a certain sign on the door.

“Free wi-fi?”  He questioned out-loud.  His voice, also, dipping in whine.  It seemed to be contagious.  Whatever someone said had to come out full of whine.  “I’ll be back,” Jamin said and headed back to his car to get his ipad.

“I wanted soup.”  I whined unhappy.  The only food place open was McDonald’s.

Jodi, Erin, and I sat down–getting out food out.

“No ketchup?”  Jodi asked, looking into her bag.  “I hate New York,” she whining.  We’d all decided we hated New York as a state.  1. Going and coming from Michigan to Vermont a person spent – what it seemed like – an eternity in New York.  2.  A place were the speed limit is 65.  3.  Well, at 2 am in the morning it was an easy target.

For the rest of our time, we all partook in whining.

Personally, I found it hilarious.  I kept thinking: “2 am really was taking a toll on us.”

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