saying ‘hi’

I was pleasantly surprised, when I heard a soft voice say, “Hi.”

My eyes scanned the parking lot looking for the source of the sound.  The voice has been a child’s, a higher pitch sound of joy.  I looked right, then left, and finally forward.  I saw the figure of a little child – my guess of a boy – pressing himself on the inside of the screen door of his home.  I smiled, then waved.  I was far and could barely see him.

I wondered how he had seen me.  I waved again.  “Hi.”  His voice echoed around the parking lot again, I smiled.  “Hi,” I told him in response and waved again.

He kept saying ‘hi;’ while I waved in response.

“Bye,” I told him eventually with a wave when I came close to my car.  Pulling out my keys.  I got in, put the car into drive, passed the house–but the boy was gone.  Somehow he had appeared out of no where, made my day, and then disappeared.


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