a voice

Sometimes I forget how self-centered I am.

I forget to listen and pay attention to those speaking.  Somewhere along the way, I developed this reaction: Listen just enough to get by and talk, talk, talk–like none other.  When I was little I used to be quiet, I used to listen.  I preferred to let others go before me, than speak my mind.  Then something happened and I always felt the need to say what I have to say, neglecting the voice of others.

How can I love, show compassion without being able to listen.  To pay attention.  To actually take in what others say.

I haven’t been ignorant.  I have known.  I haven’t lived in utter bliss.  I just find it’s easier to speak than listen.  All this quiet around me leads to an overload I’m not sure how to control.

I’m sorry to those whom I’ve always stripped away their voice.  Who have allowed me to do this–maybe even encouraged me.  Sorry for failing to give you the same thing you have given me, a voice.

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