In contrary to what some may believe, we do indeed live in a world full and completely based on expectations.

Whether the expectations are from others or ourselves.  They are still there.

Sometimes I sit and wonder.  How would the world be?  If no one held any ounce of an expectant spirit.  When a friend failed to call, there would be no bitterness, no hurt.  The bubble of expectancy would not surround anyone.  Freedom of action would roam the earth.  No need to please anyone.  For expectations to be met one must please another.

God expects, I believe.  However, His expectations are entirely different than ours.  His main and only expectation, which actually isn’t an expectation but a desire,  is for us to love Him with all our mind, heart, and soul.

What would life look like without this broad term of expectation?  Would students study harder on their schooling because their parents or peers held no expectation?  Or would it lead to sloths?  People who lay around lazy all day.  Would a friendship be more pure?  If no one expected from one another to be constantly perfect?  Act in the way, I think she should act?  Would the relationship be whole?

Or consider romantic relationships?  What if the world was more consumed with loving God, expecting each person to be in a deep relationship would Him.  Would there be less divorces because of hasty choices; less pain because of a wrong desired relationship; less children stuck in the middle because parents make then choose?  Or is this a false perception?  Of course expectations are needed, should one say?  I don’t think so.

I don’t know.  All I know is that if we truly loved each other we would only love.  We would not expect others to act in the ways we think they should act.  We would not expect them to be excellent students, but we would push them to try their best.   We would not push them to find their “soul mate” when by doing so, we might be pushing them in a catastrophic place.  Patience, should be put above expectation.  Understanding and love should be valued in each relationship.

This is all confusing I know.  I am at lost as to how else to say it.  Expectations, may be good, in regards to keeping people from becoming sloths.  Lets know forget, however, that expectations can drive people mad; it can make people pull away; it can cause pain.

Jesus said, “Love one another, as I have loved you.”

Something to think about…

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