remedies of God

Oh I am washed—
Cleansed, rinsed, purified,
disinfected, sanitized, bleached…

Made holistic, undefiled.

They say, once a sinner,
but now redeemed;
By the blood of the Lamb!

The righteous judge of man.

Darkness roams over waters,
Scares the righteous,
but He is a light bearer.

The Son of Man who
………embodied humanity.

Desperate men and women,
they seek His face.
Do they even know?  Do they comprehend?
………Worthy—oh how worthy, the Lamb.
He stills, shaken and weary hearts.
Radiates joyfulness.
Oh, the worthy Lamb delights,
in you.
He dispatches love
to all, dear beloved.

Forever He whispers,
“come away with Me.”

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