this is what i love

-an unexpected conversation
-spending an hour, with someone I barely know, trying to wrap our minds around Jesus
-diligently seeking His face
-going deep in word and thought
-long deep conversations with people i absolutely love
-being real

Today was homework day.  Today did not end up being much of a homework day, but more of a talking day.  Either way, I enjoyed it.

For the majority, I did “spend” time doing homework.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get more done.  Though, I’ll just blame it on my computer and my silly sporadic mind, today.  Anyways, around 6:30 I went out to a “FOOD, Market” shop to buy refill soap.  For the past two weeks my roommate and I haven’t had real soap in our bathrooms.  Just water mixed with “soap.”  Yeah, we’re being real clean, I know.

On my way back, I decided to stop by and say “Hey” to a friend.  She is a RA and was in the RA office.  After about 10 minutes of visiting with her another girl walked in.  Within 10 more minutes, the three of us were sitting on the floor–getting deep.  My friend (the RA) and I shared with the other girl about our Spring Break trip to the International House of Prayer.

I love when God gives these moments of breath to me.  Moments in which I share and others get to share, and just be open with each other.  Somehow, when the mention of His name comes around, I always get this sense of a bond.  I may not know a person I’m talking to about, but the wall fall down.  I look at people and see Jesus in them.

All we needed was some coffee, blankets, and some pillow.  I’m sure the conversation would have gone on longer than just a simple hour.

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