come to me

Jesus says come to me.

Come my beloved and drink from my water.  Eat from my fruit.  Fall in love with me.  Delight in me.  Leave your burdens on me.  Comes to me my beloved.  My bride.  My heart yearns for you.  I take delight in you.  I want you.  I died for you.  My blood was shed for you.  Come to me, my beloved.  Look at me.  Desire me.  Want me.  Choose me.  Close your eyes to the world.  I am jealous for you.  I desire you more than any worldly thing.  I will satisfy you.  I long for you.  Come to me, my beloved.  Turn your eyes to me.  Glaze on my beauty.  Acknowledge me.  Love me.  Oh, beloved.  My blood was shed for you.  To bring you life.  Find your joy in me.  Stop seeking for things to satisfy when I am the only one who can.  Worship me with your heart, with your words, with your actions.  Let all see the delight you take in me.  Come to me, my beloved, and I will give you the rest you oh desperately seek.

Everything else will drift away.  Everything with softly cease to be.  Everything will cease to exist.  But I will not.  My name stands forever.  My word will not lose ground.  My love will cry for you and your heart.  I will restlessly seek you.  I will defend you from your enemies.  I am your refuge, your stronghold, your steady ground.  When everything around you will always fall, I will stand.  Forever.  Loving you with this undying love.  Beloved, will you seek me?  Will you love me?  I’m calling you in the wilderness.  In the desert.  In the city.  Amongst depression, I am calling you.  In happiness I seek you.  In war, I give you comfort.  In distress my banner over you is love.  I am here.  I await your response.  To give and to love.  To restore and relief you.  To give you peace amongst terror and pain.

Beloved, come.  Come to me, my beloved.  I am all you need.  Despair may come, but I will never leave you.  My waters will never run dry.  How MARVELOUS!!!  Oh, how marvelous my beloved.

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