I’ve been reading a book for class called, Creating a Life with God by Daniel Wolpert.  Not going to lie, it’s ace.  I think every living being should read it.  That and St. Augustine.  I really want to read more of him, too.

Anyway.  Chapter Six in Creating a Life with God is about creativity.  I just read it again, because I’m pretty sure I must have read it at some point last week, but I cannot remember doing so… But I remember the chapter, so I did read it.  The chapter on creativity was really good.  I think from all the chapters from the book I liked that one the best.

Wolpert talks about people and creativity, and how as always many of us have grown up believing a lie.  What lie is this, you might ask?  Well, the lie that only certain amount of people can be creative.  Or that you are not creative because you do not meant the standards of what a creative person should be like is.  Yes, exactly.  Very much confusing.  But he has a point, I don’t know how many times I’ve said: “Oh, I’m not creative at all.”  Usually used as a cop-out card on my side.  I think sometimes I prefer to just let others do the work, in order to escape having to come up with something epically creative.  I cut myself short, in a sense.

I find that as life goes on what I hear more and more is this idea of self hate talk.  How many times have I self talked myself into believing I’m a horrible writer?  Or not good enough?  Or simply not entertaining enough?  I’d lie if I said I never brought myself down.  I think everyone does.  Personally, I think, it’s probably the easiest way of harming ourselves without considering that we are.  Oh no, leave it up to ourselves to beat our own self up.  We say others think of us badly, but I think our first and far most enemy is our own self at times.

Which in my opinion is a sad thought.  We’ve gotten this idea that we cannot love ourselves.  That if we, think of ourselves as beautiful we are prideful, spiffy.  What a crazy thought!  God talks constantly about love.  If we don’t love ourselves, then how can we love our neighbor’s properly?  In fact, we’ll probably start treating them as badly as we treat ourselves.

Creativity.  God created.  If we are made in His image, then logically we should be able to create.  Yes, some do have an extraordinary talent, but this doesn’t mean that those who don’t have that extraordinary talent are useless, unable creatures to create!  In the contrary, I bet we create in every day life.  Besides, who’s to say what is more beautiful than another?  Hm?  I mean it’s sad really, God is the greatest artist, all we can do is mimic His creation.  No extraordinary artist will ever be able to out-create the Creator of the universe.

I think a bit part of me is excited about all this.  I’m excited about discovering this lie.  Because honestly, I hated believing that I’m not creative.  I love creativity.  I love saying GOODBYE to a lie!  Wooo.

There is this sense of liberty in saying goodbye to a lie.

Creativity.  We all have it, we should all use it.

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