tomorrow, tomorrow

Some where along the way in my life I developed this idea.  At one point or another, I began believing in tomorrow and hoping for tomorrow.

Such as, tomorrow means:
one lesser day of snow, cold, and winter.
a day closer to the mold God is turning me into.
a day closer to having my emotions under control.
a day closer to my hearts desires (possibly) being fulfilled.
a day closer to school being over.
a day closer to life beginning out of school.
a day closer to Jesus’ return.
a day closer to something, else.  Something different from the present.

Constantly, I think of tomorrow.  It’s not because the grass is greener.  I dislike that concept.  What does it even mean?  Pah, grass is greener.  Right.

Anyways, I’m not depressed or anything.  If fact, these last three days have been beyond interesting.  Another story in itself.  No.  I just wanted to admit to this.  I wanted to admit that my heart is not settled on today, but on tomorrow and the promises held.

God, help my heart settle.

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