you are holy

I have missed writing.  I have missed sitting down with a thought and expounding on it.  Developing an idea through writing.  Sharing my heart while writing.  My soul and heart have missed having something to share.  I have missed having time to just process all I am thinking while writing.  Oh, I have missed it greatly.

Pride.  I read about pride today.  I am full of pride, I think.  –See?  I’m even too prideful to state it fully.

Christ was humble, but Christi is prideful.

For years now, I’ve been told about how much alike my name is to that of Christ’s name.  Really, when I cut off the ‘ana’ part of my name and go by the first part, there is one letter changing my name from Christ.  I am prideful, sinful, and constantly lost.  Christ is humble, holy, and full of love.  And yet, I was honored when given my name, for it is like Christ’s.  The being I strive to be more like.

But pride keeps me away.  When I think of myself as better.  When I lack to serve and humble myself and realize truly, I am no better than others.  Then I place myself up high, instead of the least.  I separate myself.  He says, humble yourselves.

He says, have you seen how I act?  How I love?  Humble yourself.  Remember it was from pride, jealousy that the serpent deceived Eve in the garden.  Jealousy driven by pride.  Driven by the desire to be above God, to be like God.  But I became a man.  I showed Myself to you.  You can see Me and you know who I Am.

Yet Christ, God was a servant.  He humbled Himself and came in form of man.  God became man.  He became man.  He humbled Himself and was made human.  This powerful God, became man.


I’ve heard that so many times (that He became man), it always seems like a story told to me when I was a little girl.  But it’s not.  Really, He’s holy.  So powerfully.  So humble.  So man and God.

Oh Jesus.

There is no one like You.  You are holy.  Holy.

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