two-hour nap

I just woke up from a two-hour nap.  For the past two months (almost) each time I’ve slept, I have woken up knowing I had a dream.  I don’t actually ever remember the dream, but I wake up knowing a story took place with my eyes were shut.  Well, today, I was really tired and decided I would take a nap for an hour, but when that hour was up my nap turned into two hours.  I would like to share the dream I had.

In my dream, I had gotten a job at Student Development.  Apparently, I was only going in for a few hours.  On my way there, I saw a friend who (in my dream) was working there as well.  When we got there she tried to help with getting me settled.  Then another friend of mine appeared and she worked there two.  In the back of my mind I was confused that they worked there… but I didn’t bother to express this thought out loud.  As I was taking my coat, hat, and backpack off I had an interesting thought come across my mind.  I thought something around the lines of having more working hours now than Gina, since I would be working in Student Development and the Bookstore (as I do now).  As I thought of it, I shrug my shoulders and was like, well, if she needs any money I’ll give her what she needs.  Strange because we had just been talking earlier today about her forgetting to give in her time card today.

Anyways, to continue.  At some point while my two friends were trying to get be settled in, I looked up and noticed something.  Lori, the Student Development secretary was no longer there.  Her desk was gone.  Confused I asked my friends about this.  They said she had to quit.  My comment was something about many people quitting, thinking of my own boss who quit from the bookstore.  I get settled in and then at one point all the Student Development works (basically students), we began cleaning things.  I don’t remember what we cleaned, but it was yucky.  They recommended taking showers after… but I didn’t get terribly dirty.  I did several things, I went back to my backpack and got my contacts… I could no longer see clearly with my glasses, I noticed my second friend (my first friend had left), she was having fun with people.  Acting in ways I had never seen her, but she seemed really happen.  Then, at some point I spotted this adorable little boy (probably like 2 or 3).

The dream sort of changed then and I was in a house of a friend (I don’t know who’s) and the baby’s mom was there too.  I played with him the whole time I was there and walked around with him.  At some point, three kids talked to me.  They were in the apartment above the one I was in and the way the house was set up, it was like they were talking between bars that were on the floor.  I ended up going up the stars to them.  And the little boy’s a couple year older sister, showed me his and her room.  Then I knew it was time to go, because the mom was up too and in her house.  Therefore, I walked out of the little boys and girls room to take them to the kitchen.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to leave or not.

When we got close to the kitchen, I heard her yelling awful things at her two oldest children (a boy and a girl).  I also noticed they had a younger little baby sibling as well.  Therefore, making them a total of five kids!  Anyways, these kids wanted to take food to their room and read.  I was going to go with them, but their mother wasn’t giving them enough food and these kids were hungry!  I convinced her to give them at least one more banana and she agreed.  Then we were stopped because the kids had begun making “panini’s,” but sweet ones.  I sat down at the table and held the little boy.  Somehow, my sister Kali got into the picture and she was the one who had been with the older kids and they were making the panini’s together.  The mother was still angry, but we had to wait until the panini for Kali was ready.  The mom blamed the children for Kali’s idea (the panini’s) and I told Kali to say it was her idea.  However, she never got the chance, the mother was so angry.

Then I woke up.  My heart is aching for those five children in my dream.  I just wanted to take them away and still do.

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