it’s gonna be worth it

Today is a Monday. On Monday’s at my school we always have chapel for an hour. During this time the students have a time of worship and growth.

As I was worshiping today, I stopped singing. I sat down and just listened. My word, you have no idea how beautiful it was. I heard all these SAU students, men and woman, singing to God.

I stopped hearing myself singing to the King. I just listened. Oh my, it was good. So worth my silence. I was humbled and amazed at the beauty of the body united in song.

When I see His face, it’s gonna be worth it all. I believe it.

God, it’s worth it all, isn’t it?

Even through trials and tribulation.

You’re gonna be worth it all.

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One thought on “it’s gonna be worth it

  1. The beauty of the sound of praise is the hearts that raise their voice and honor the Lord. In heaven, the praise will sound with the volume the mighty rushing waters. Nothing like a bunch of people shouting glory to our God. I wish that we all could experience and soak it up more often too.

    Great moment caught in your post.

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