dear Father

Dear Father in Heaven,
Here am I. Your child. Your daughter. Your lover. Your friend. Your lost child.

Sometimes I’m scared that I don’t love you. That I don’t care for you in the way I should. But I think those are all lies of the devil. Who constantly is trying to pull me away from Your truth. Because I’m pretty sure You have promised me freedom, which at times is so hard to believe.

I’m tired, weak. This world full of sin is stealing my heart. Stealing my joy, that You have so generously given me. I don’t want happiness, for I want joy. An endless faithful joy, flowing down in waves of love from You.

At times I think of myself as weak, but that’s another lie, isn’t it? How sad is it that I listen to the evil one more than I listen to You? Father, give me an ear that hears only Your loving words. Your kind and guiding words. I want Your words of power.

You love me. Though I am entirely unworthy. However, You have made me worthy in Your sight. What can I give, but learn to love? Father teach me to love. To pray in Spirit and truth. This is what my heart longs for. To be close to You. To grow in knowledge and wisdom from You.

I want to walk around with the full knowledge and belief that I am a child of God. Of a God full of love, wisdom, patience, kindness, understanding, mercy, and grace. Oh Father, let me love You more. I want it to flow.

Teach me to love. Especially You.

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