I hate change.
I know sometimes it’s best to not express the word: hate, but in this case it’s time for me to be honest. I’ve learned over the years that honesty is simply the best thing. Yet, it might be brutal at times, but only with honesty will true healing ever occur. Only by admitting my hate of change will I learn to accept change does happen.
And though it seems like I’m talking about how much I dislike change… I’m not.
Because today was different. Yes, I woke up and wanted to begin a day of celebration to God. I didn’t exactly. I began a bit nervous and not looking forward to classes today.
Oh the ways God works.
Something clicked today.
Something I wasn’t expecting to happen. Tonight as the day has come to an end I find myself finally excited about my classes. I find myself knowing in my heart that it may be a tough semester, but I am going to learn sooo much. And I know this in my heart, not only my head. Great significance.

Something changed today. Funny how I did like this change. : )

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