relfection of my day

I’m taking a step back and looking over my day.

Now, as I sit and type about my day, I just realized something.  Fellowship, spending time with people.  Wow, we need it, don’t we?  We need it so much, sometimes, we don’t even see it.  Crazy, sometimes, I think I’m fine on my own.  That I can handle anything thrown at me.  But there have been so many times.

Times when I’m on my knee’s begging for there to be someone for me to talk to, touch, and be loved by.  Someone that is not my own self and not my mind trying to comfort me.  Times when being around people brings the most healing to my heart.  Or times when a prayer from a friend does more than my own prayer.

I look at today and I smile.  I got to see my cousins interact with friends.  My aunt and uncle, talking with friends.  I got to see the people God has placed in their life for them to trust and potentially lean on.


It all comes down to fellowship.  God places people in my life to help grow but also grow from.

I just wish I remembered this more often.

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