a prayer request

Pray for my heart.

It has been so easy for my heart, lately, to get caught up in anything and everything but God.  To be honest, I’m not ready for tomorrow to come.  I’m not sure why, but with each passing day I wish I could go back in this summer and change some of my actions.

So pray for my heart, because it’s not ready for this school year to begin.  Pray for my heart, because honestly, it doesn’t know what is wrong, but then again it’s a heart and of course it wouldn’t.  Pray for my heart to be focused on God, yearning for His gaze and attention.  Pray for my heart.

I want to lift my eyes to the hills.  Gaze longingly to my Savior.  Pray for my heart, to trust God even though it doesn’t want to.  Pray for my heart to lean on Him.

Honestly, just pray for my heart.

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