incomplete thought

A couple weeks ago I was in England for a conference.  During one of the sessions the speak spoke about Jonah.  I’ve mentioned a part of this before.


At some point in time, the speaker said around the lines that it’s easy for us to forgive people who haven’t done extremely bad things.  Like Jonah easily spoke to the people he was familiar with or who in his eyes didn’t do anything other than ordinary “sins.”  But the people of Nineveh were full of evil and who knows what they did.  The speaker talked about the people who today commit murder and harm children.  He said that, if they repented, if a child abuser repented and asked God for forgiveness, he or she would be forgiven.

Now, this isn’t a complete thought I have to share.

But last night I saw a movie.  I believe it was called Changeling.  It’s a based-on true story, movie in which the main character is a mother.  One day she leaves for work and comes back to find her son missing.  Eventually, she supposedly gets her son back, but it’s not truly her son.  It’s another boy.  I’m not going to go into what happened to her as she tried to prove that the child was not hers… My point comes later in the story, where the viewer finds out that there is a man who picks up kids and kills them with an ax.  He also uses another older kid to help him.  This man threatens the older kid and tells him that if he doesn’t help him, then he’ll kill him.

As I watched the film, I was struck by the evilness found in humans.  The sickness of sin that has plugged our souls.  This man was insane.  He appeared to not really care about what he did.  And it’s interesting how when he was faced with his own death, he was scared, but when he killed the kids it was all good.

All I can think is this:
Truly we have all sinned so greatly and have fallen short of the glory of God.

Lord forgive our sins.  Forgive our evilness.  Fill us with Your pure love.

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