i don’t always understand

I’ve come to the good conclusion that I don’t understand everything.  Indeed I have known this for while, but I just really felt like stating this conclusion.

Sadly, things happen in this world that are far beyond our power to prevent, change, or do anything.  Often, I find myself in the sidelines wishing I could do something, but knowing there is nothing I can do.  But watch.  Wish for something different.  Observe how people dear to me are hurting. 

Just yesterday, my older sister had to sit with her mouth open for six hours, as she got 6 dental teeth implants.  Because of previous experiences she decided to do the whole surgery while awake, with just shut numbness.  Simply put: her nerves were out, partly, but other than that, she felt it all. 


Our God of the heavens is a might and powerful God.  The Father of healing.  All He had to do was speak words and she’d be healed.  She wouldn’t have had to go through the process. 


From what I have learned over the years, things don’t actually go as I think they should.  God didn’t heal her.  Instead, He provided for her.  A place to be at for before and after the surgery.  People who love her and want her best, to be by her side while the rest of her family was here in Greece.  He provided her comfort.  Her Father in heaven, made sure she would be taken care of.

I think at times, I try to understand what I cannot.  God knows and understands.  I mean, look at the weather, why is it so hot in Greece now and so cold in England.  Yes, I’m sure there’s a scientific reason, but couldn’t God change it to fix our comfort?  He controls the universe, doesn’t He? 

What I am saying is: there are so many things I don’t understand, but who’s to say, I’m even supposed to?  Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

I believe even what I don’t understand at times, works out for the good of my own self.

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