my lost camera

For a week and a half, my camera was lost.  Or in other words misplaced.

I kinda of feel unsettled when I lose things.  Mostly, I end up thinking of myself as an irresponsible person.  Something I truly am not.  Honestly, being responsible just comes naturally.  It’s part of who I am.  And when I lose things, I kinda lose it myself.  I can’t really focus on anything else, but what I consider lost/misplaced.

I started pray, asking God to let my camera be found.

I wasn’t completely upset that it was gone, but that I had paid money for it.  That the cost of it would be wasted, when it could have been used for better things than to be lost.  Besides, I didn’t even pay for all of it, Gina paid the majority.  So, when I say my camera… truly it’s hers.

As I prayed, I thought: “I’m upset over an object God provided… I’m upset over money God gave me to use.”  Yes, I might have worked for that money, but it is by His grace I have the job I have.  He has blessed me with the opportunity to work at the bookstore at my school.  Therefore, the wasted money, is His.  What He gave, He can freely take away.

I was at a conference in England called Wellspring.  Every morning, a speaker named Andrew, would share from Jonah.  As I thought about my anger about my lost camera, I thought of Jonah.  Oh his anger at the end.  His anger when the plant God provided to shade him was gone.  An unjustified anger.  How was that any different from mine?

Here I was wondering about something God had given me.  Something he provided for me to snap pictures of my summer at camp and at home.  How could I be angry for something with which I had no reason to be angry about.

Needless to say, my camera has been found.

God is soo good!!

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