what a beautiful world

Funny how, as I grow older I seem to appreciate the world more than I ever used to.  For some reason, when I was younger I could never understand why people were always stunned by a beautiful view. 

When asked by others if I thought the sunset was beautiful, this is what I usually thought and said:

“Oh,”… I acknowledged it.  “Yeah, soo beautiful!”  I said it and believed it, but I never saw the point of it.  I would just move on and continue with what I was doing.  I just always thought, it was simply the sky with different colors.  So?  Honestly, I thought some people silly for their weird “aweness” of the sky or nature, for that matter.

However, that feeling has changed.

One day, when I was spending time out on the grass, I decided that when I touch the grass its like I’m touching God.  If I were to lay down and feel the grass around me, it would be the same as knowing that God is omnipresent.  Or when the wind blows at me, in the moment that I desperately need a hug, it’s God.  Reminding me, how He’s the shoulder I need to learn to lean on.  He’s there.  In the wind.  The grass.  Stars.  Sky.  Sea.  Trees.  Flowers.  Everything.  He’s in people. 

And so, I’ve began to appreciate and love His world.  He beautiful creation.  It’s like God made a world full of pictures so we may never be bored.  He knew that people would want to take vacations to beautiful places.  He knew we’d come to love His creation.  It saddens me how people love the creation but not the Creator. 

But what a thought?  Touch a friend or grass… I bet your touching God.  Your touching His love. 

Oh, yes.

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