the choice of silence

Don’t you hate it when you miss an opportunity to encourage and help others grow in Christ?  When you keep silent and instead of speaking?

I’ve done it many times over the years, but the main time I remember doing this was this past week.  My family and I were at a conference called Wellspring in England.  Kali and I were asked to be interviewed on stage in front of all the of the teens there.  Honestly, I didn’t want to… but I have agreed a while ago to do so.  Well, later that night I laid in on the blow up mattress in the tent we were staying.  Thinking over all that I had wished I could have said.  Told these younger adults to be and encourage.

I wanted to tell them about the quiet times in our faith.  The times when faithfulness is the hardest.  When making the decision of sticking with God through good and bad, is the most important thing.  I wanted to tell them how God wants us to feel Him, but there are times when He is silent.  When our life styles put distance between Him and us.  Where reading our bibles and being faithful is at its greatest.  I wanted to tell them, that our walk with Christ isn’t easy, but it’s something we need to be stubborn about.  We need to stick out, just like Peter stuck out and all knew he followed Christ.

The many times I’ve kept silent and not spoken when I should have, I regret.  I have wished so many times that God would just take me back in time.  That I would choose a different path.  Do something different.  Each time, I ask Him why.  Well, later I tend to find out.  However, none of the times I’ve decided to go back in time has He taken me.  I’ve lived with keeping my mouth shut at times and making the wrong choice.  Which in itself turns out to be a good remembrance for later.

However, I just think of all the times we Christian’s keep our mouths shut.  How does this hinder the Gospel?

My prayer is that God will continue to give me more boldness and ease of speech.  Of knowing when to say what is in my head and when to keep quite.  Of knowledge that by keeping my mouth shut I will never be able to change anything in this world.

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