little miss joslin

When I look back at my time at camp, I remember one girl.  Well, no, I remember more.  However, one 7 and a half-year old sticks out.

Her name was Joslin.

Honestly, I do not know incredibly much about her, but I don’t think that matters.  For one week I got to be her counselor and I loved it.  And I really don’t know how to place her in words, that will do her justice.

Joslin was a scholarship girl.  A sweet girl who without the money of another, she would have not been in my teepee week 2 of camp.  For whoever paid for her to come, I am entirely and forever grateful.  I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to get to know her.

There’s so much I want to say about her.  But… I can’t form the words.  Hm.

Anyways, here’s a picture of Joslin and I.

Edit (Aug 7):

Do you know those sweet people, that you just can’t help but love?  Well, Joslin is one of those people.  She didn’t have much, but she seemed like she was completely thankful for everything.  Thankful for food, for fun, for friends.  She loved watching over the other girls and taking care of them.

At one of the camp activities we had to tip a huge, when I say huge I mean huge, boat.  Joslin came and helped with a willing heart.  She didn’t help us counselors because she wanted to prove anything, but because she truly wanted to lighten the weight.  She lead my group of girls, not because she wanted the spot light, but because she cared.  I saw her heart, her sweet loving heart.

Now, all I can do is but pray she is doing well.  Pray that her mentor, who seemed to be the one to arrange her camp trip, to continue to guide her in Christ Jesus’ love.  I need to remember that I also can pray for her soul and life.

I pray that this world will not afflict her.  That she will continue to learn about God’s love and there find her rest, comfort.  I pray He will use her in ways she could never imagine.  I pray He will take her life and let it be all for Him.  To love Him.  I pray God, that You will open her eyes and let her see more of You.

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