Tonight, I was overwhelmed by the realization of how precious some of my friendships are to me.

Perhaps, for the first time I am able to be appreciative of what Christ has done this year.  How He had changed and shaped friendships, which at first I never thought would have gone anywhere.  Or if there were going somewhere, He deepen them in ways I could only imagine.

Yes, I may not have a “best friend” exactly to call my own and hang out constantly with.  But what does that mean anyway?  I want to be one with people, not just one person.  I want to be the body of Christ with each friendship I make.  Some may turn to be deeper than others.  I want to know, however, that my trust can be found in all.  Not just one.

I am just so thankful tonight.  For the love, support, and understanding.  Heaven knows, who I truly am, and many lovely ladies seem to have accepted me just as I am.  Perhaps, that is the most overwhelming part of it all.  But Jesus is soooo good.  And I thank Him for people.  For friendships.  For girls I can talk and lean on.

Maybe the most beautiful part in a friendship is: when we open our hearts and expose ourselves to each other.  Hold nothing back and move forward.  Oh to be bold like a lion.

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