and the summer begins

The summer shall begin with me apologizing.

My previous post was simply sad.  God’s joy is so marvelous, sometimes I forget.  In times I hurt, instead of running towards His steadfast love, I run the opposite side and think I can fix things on my own.

So, for my previous post, I ask you forgive it.  I will try and write encouraging thoughts on here.  Something that will lift up and not tear down.  I’ll try to remember to talk about the joyful things going on in the mist of trouble and hurt.  I will not word my despair but only thank God for His love.

I was pointed out how Paul said to boast in our weaknesses.  Sadly, one of my many weaknesses is complaining.  I pray God will give me a quiet spirit and a heart of gratitude.  I pray daily I will work on thanksgiving.

I see the stars, they are bright and extravagant.
They tremble under Your radiance and
shine bright bringing light in the darkness.

How lovely is the moon?  A light
In the darkness when all is out.
You are still there.

Forever.  You will shine like the stars.

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One thought on “and the summer begins

  1. Oh, Christi, I just love you so much. Our faithful God has certainly started something in you, and He will see it through to the end.

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