Lately, I have been thinking a lot about selfishness.

Constantly.  All the time.  Maybe God’s telling me I’m selfish, I don’t know.  What I do know is: being selfish is not only when you have candy and you don’t want to share.  Which, I admit, is always (for a child) the hardest thing in the world to give up.

But selfishness is this: thinking of oneself more than others.  Looking to meet ones own needs and never consider the needs of those around.  Always, seeking to satisfy the self.  This is what I think selfishness is.  Making sure I always get the best piece of the cake!  Or the best blanket.  Making sure I am comfortable, regardless if a person (friend, family, etc.) next to me isn’t.   Continually, seek to please myself and satisfy my need, without thinking of another.  Going to the store and not telling anymore.  Going out of my own way to not feel uncomfortable.  Shielding myself to the people around me only.  Selfishly never stepping out of my box.

And yet, God has called me to love all.  Hm.  Selfishness.  Not always and only with the candy.  But in little things in life done for my own benefit.  The list of selfishness could go on forever.

Perhaps, our sacrifice is to sacrifice our needs and desires.  Stop meeting out each need and looking at the one next to us.

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