A darkness has fallen
We’ve lost the ability to speak.
So many distractions
We’ve lost the essence of peace.

language where have you gone?
Your deep foundation is losing ground.
language where is your meaning?
Your powerful voice is slowly decreasing.

A thick cloud surrounds us.
Yet, silence is not found.
A fog has consumed us.
And voices are all around.

language are you still there?
Can your depth still be found?
language have we lost you?
Can your power still be resound?

I wrote this during my Communication in Ministry class, tonight.  My teacher had us listen to an audio about language.  I have the hardest time concentrating on audio’s and always tend to get a small gist of all which is said.  However, as I walked away from class today, after discussion, I know what was said.  I have gathered all which was needed to be said and understood.  I am happy to say, I finally wrote something, slightly creative.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

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