rainy days

There has been a lot of rain these last few days.

A big part of me has wanted to go outside and just enjoy the rain pouring down.  To let myself be free in the drops of the rain.  To spend time in nature, I think it has been in the back of my head.  However, during the whole day, I ignored this desire.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps, because of a thing called: laziness?

Would you like to know what I am lazy about?  Taking showers.  Each time I thought about having fun in the rain, I thought of having to take another shower.  Don’t get me wrong, showers are great and very much needed.  I just think they waste time.  Though… I suppose many things are a waste of time.  Too many, I don’t even want to think about.

I like rain though.  One day, my goal is to play and have fun in the rain.  One day, I want someone to challenge me to ignore the stupid thought of “who’s looking” and have fun in the eyes of the Lord.  Like David.  I’m working on my boldness.  Though… it really is not the easiest thing.  Not all the times at least.

Lord, keep letting the rain fall.  Let the rain fall.

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