old testament

I have always had this special love about the Old Testament, ever since I was 16 or 17 (one of the two).  For a while, the love for the Old Test wasn’t there.  Since, the New Test found a place in my heart.  The Gospels, the letters… Revelation.  Good stuff.  I love reading and seeing the difference Peter makes.  How God uses him.  It inspires me.  I may be weak now, but perhaps, like Peter, He’ll make me stronger.

My point is, I’ve found my old love for the Old Test again.  I’m going through it, as I did with the New Test.  It’s very interesting.

I look at people like Noah and Abraham.  They were so bold.  Especially, Abraham.  He was like so hardcore.  For the most part, he knew where he stood.  He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.  He blows me away!

As I read the Old Test. this is what I think: God has given His people a heritage.  Yes, He has given us as past.  Often, His followers may not understand.  We may feel confused about parts of the law or have our own interpretations to meet our desires… but it’s still our heritage.  As a Christ follower, I have the heritage of these great men and Jesus!  I have a past that in many ways, is apart of me.

Christ was hung on a tree, in order for me to become apart of the heritage He has given.  How am I making a heritage for the generations to come?  Am I being bold like Abraham and Paul?  Am I interceding?

Perhaps, we’ve lost our sense of responsibility for those after us.  Regardless, I am proud to be apart of this heritage through Christ.

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