blood is red

Today, I sliced my left pointer finger.

No, I didn’t do it on purpose.  It sort of happened.  Okay, I’ll explain.  I was getting a folder out of my bag (well, purse) and sliced (!) my finger on my plastic-like yellow folder.  Literally, it felt like the world went still.  Like crazy still.  I looked at my finger, got a bit annoyed that it was sliced, then got a Kleenex (!) and put pressure on the finger.

To clear things: my sliced finger isn’t exactly sliced.  It’s basically a big paper cut.  Regardless, it felt like it was sliced, because the folder kind of just sliced my finger.  Anyways… carrying on.

After my finger got sliced blood came out.  It was like this pure red color.  Oddly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen blood.  I mean, my blood.  Christi does not get cut or hurt often.  For some reason.  I’m just that weird child in the family who doesn’t kill herself all the time.  Except when she’s sick and thinks she’s dying.

I want my brain to come back to this subject of blood.  Today I was just wondering why God made blood red and not another color… like yellow  (especially, since yellow is my second favorite color)!  I mean, how weird would that be?  I would have sliced myself by a yellow folder and then would have had yellow blood come out!  Yuck.  I’m glad God made it red.  There’s this coolness about blood being red.

I wonder how Jesus felt on the Cross.  How it was to see His own blood just come out.  Unable to stop it.  I mean, each time I bleed (whenever it happens) immediately I cover it up.  What if I couldn’t?  I found a bandage and it made it allll better.   My figure was covered.  No one could see my sliced finger… and when I did show it to them, I regretted it because then it hurt.

Ps. Bandage is not spelled at all the way I pronounce it.  How odd.  Oh, Professor Cline, you’d be proud of me for realizing that!

My point is this: blood is red.  I know that’s not a point.  It’s a fact.

I’m really happy for bandage’s and medicine this week.  My dying days are almost over.  The sun is coming out.  The joy is returning.  Oh, how weather works either against or for us!  Today I focused and it was good.  Tomorrow I’ll focus and it will be good.  Thursday I’ll focus and then I’ll go to Chicago for Easter Break.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I’ll be in Chicago.  TUESDAY, I’ll come back to school, ready to finish this crazy lovely semester.

But remember, blood is red.  There’s a reason God made it red.  There’s a reason for the automatic reaction to stop blood from flowing out of our bodies.  Perhaps it is to remind us of Christ on the Cross.  Dying for our sins.  Unable to stop the blood flowing out of Him.  His love for us, reflecting from the redness of His blood.  On a tree, where blood can easily stain.

That’s all!  : )

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