dying slowly

Christi Long, I, am dying slowly.  Hah.

For anyone who doesn’t know (and I feel compelled to make sure everyone knows), currently I am sick.  Every time I’m sick, ask my family, I always say I’m dying.  I literally, feel like I am.  I mean, not that I know what dying feels like, but sickness makes me think I’m dying.

When I’m sick it’s so easy to be distracted and have an excuse not to do homework.  I’ve done so allll day.  Luckily, I don’t have much homework this week with Easter Break and all, which hasn’t helped me with putting things off.  I refuse to say procrastinating.  I’m not doing that, I’m just putting the homework off.  I’ll do it… later.

I remember, how when I was younger and still lived at home, I would miss school when I was sick.  I’d stay home and watch movies.  Lay on the bed and never move.  I’d tell mom and Kali all the time that I was dying.  I think at times they’d always get sick of it.  For some strange reason, it’s my favorite word when I’m sick.  Maybe cause it gives me attention.  : )

How is any of this positive?  Well, it’s not.  Nothing about being sick is positive.  However, these few days I’ve been sick and taking pills (YES, I Christi Long am taking pills, willingly!), I’ve come to appreciate having pills and Kleenex.  I would literally die without Kleenex. Thank You God!  Thank You for providing and helping during this season of dying for me, go a bit more smoothly.

In a few days, I’ll be up and about again.  I will have forgotten these few days of dying.  And hopefully, I will not need Kleenex again in a while!  The nose can only take so much sneezing!

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