I went to Chicago this weekend.

Oh my, it was so good.  I learned so much.  I’ve decided that I like Thai food, very good.

I just love the city.  I’m not sure when I began, but I do.  I remember growing up, hating when dad couldn’t drive my sister’s, my friends, and I somewhere, because then we had to take the bus.  But now, as I am getting older, I’ve decided that I like public transportation.  Of course Chicago is more dangerous than Thessaloniki.  But, I think  that part of what makes it dangerous is our belief of to be.  If I have a fear of  something, I only make it worse because I’m afraid of it.  So yeah.

On Friday, I went to this inner city Mexican church in La Villita.  The pastor, Victor, spoke to my class.  I think everyone really liked him.  He’s such a hardcore guy.  After hearing him speak, I really wanted to just pack up my bags from school, move there, and work in his church.  Work with the children of La Villita Community Church.  I want to be in places where God moves.  For some reason, in that moment of time (and now) I was just drawn to their ministry.  To their desire to bring different gang’s and race’s together.

Maybe one days, if it’s God’s will, I’ll have the guts to do something like that.  Do something I know isn’t safe, but rewarding in His kingdom.  I think it would be great.

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