my beloved daughter

We will go through many roads.
Through quiet ones, then
loud ones.  Some will be
crowded and others peaceful.
At times you will search for
Me and say that you can’t
find Me.  You will as for
Me to speak and I won’t.
But My beloved daughter,
forget the eyes around you.
Come to My quiet sea of peace.
Only here will you find your
rest.  In My light of freedom.
Everything else is like the
fog.  You can see, but nothing
clearly.  Come to Me and I
will restore your vision.  I will
pull up the fog and bring
My bright light.  The fog will
never deceive you ever again.
You will see clearly.  And
like a butterfly you will fly
in the warm sun.  Your colors
will shine for all to see.  And
I will make you white as
a beautiful dove in the
blue sky–flying away.

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