empty promises

Currently, I am sitting in a sweet chair at the end of my floor.  Thanks to a great girl on my floor, this chair is here.  I have International House of Prayer (ihop) on and Tim’s playing; the 12pm.  For anyone who doesn’t know this, Tim (or Timmy as I like to call him) is one of my favorite worshipers from ihop.  He’s my preference.

Not long ago on ihop I heard a girl singing these words:  all mens empty promises are broken at Your feet, but You have never broken one.  You open up Your heart time and time again.  Tim has just sang those words.

I’ve just been struck with how true that is.  So many of my promises to God are broken and empty.  This saddens my soul so much.  However, Tim does not end the song with our “failness”… but rather sings this: we thank You for Your kindness, we thank You for Your mercy, we thank You for you gentleness.  You’re so patient with me.

Okay, so I leave all these empty promises at Christ’s feet all the time… and yet He is kind, merciful, gentle, and patient with me.  Not going to lie, God’s faithfulness is a bit overwhelming.

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