this is my prayer

Father, this is my prayer,

that I would not be consumed by this world and its standards.  I’m sad to admit I am often to preoccupied with grades and friendships, and forget Your presence.  I become overwhelmed and anxious about this life–although, I shouldn’t.  I pray that my eyes will be fixed on You and Your splendor.  May I be bold in Your word alone and firm in myself.

I pray, Father, that I will see my worth.  Not measure myself based of human standards, but Your love.  I pray certain things will have little to not at all influence over me.  I pray that the devil will not close my mind and eyes to You.  But as Jehoshaphat prayed in 2 Chronicles 20:12b, that though I do not know what to do, my eyes will always be on You.

Give me the strength and endurance to keep running this race and my coming closer to You.  I pray that I will stop worrying about saving my life tomorrow, when I’m too occupied to save it today.  I pray I will work in today and see how I can influence people for Your glory.

Tomorrow is tomorrow and there will always be a tomorrow.  But, today is today, may I live for today.

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