a prayer to You

Dear Heavenly Father,

Sometimes, I just don’t know.  I see how hard patience is.  How do I reach it?  How to I wait upon You, in this crazy and fast paced world?  I don’t get a moments break to think and breathe.  I want to breathe in Your peace and calmness.  My soul longs to meet with You in that low and lovely place.  Where You and I will be alone, and my mind will be on You.

I’m constantly consumed by the tomorrow.  Today, I was asked about my plans for after college, strangely I haven’t gotten that far.  My view is only to the summer and what that will bring.  I wish to follow Your ways, to do Your will, regardless of other people’s opinion.  Sorry for placing them above Yours.  Bad tendency, I’ll try to stop.

Teach me O Lord Your ways.  I want to dwell in Your garden of love.  I want to be in Your presence.  I know You’re always there… but I want to feel You always.  In every moment.  In every second.  All the time.  I don’t want my heart and soul to depart from You.

The road is small and narrow.  I’m of those few, hoping to make it many, following You.  I’m following You Father, on that small and narrow road.  I won’t depart from Your Word or presence.

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