no peace or quiet

I just have thoughts running through my head constantly.  They never stop.  I don’t know if this is because I’m a girl or just that I am too preoccupied.  The other night, I couldn’t sleep.  I felt like there was so much noise going on in my mind, somehow it was occupied.

Someone asked me if I could remember what I was thinking about, and honestly, I don’t know.

Am I just incorporating too much information or something?  I wish I could switch my mind off.  Stop it, like stopping time and find silence.  I would like to find God in that quiet place.  Where no noise from people, music, etc. can interfere.

Noise… how do I let you go?  And turn to my God for peace and quiet?  Maybe if I close my eyes and picture myself in the middle of a desert, by the sea, in the woods… where there is no human noise, but nature noise.  Oh, I would love to be up on a mountain.  Or maybe in a garden of flowers.  A place to admire the beauty He has given.

I look for the day, to be by a lake and soak in everything He has made.

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