Tonight I went to the church and helped out with the 2 & 3 year old kids.

I love them.  One little boy by the name of Dylan really missed his daddy.  He would be okay for a little bit and then start crying slightly and would just asked for his daddy.  Beg for his daddy, hoping we would listen and go get his daddy.  I wanted to ease his fear of being away, so I kept asking him questions or asking him if he wanted to play something.  Dylan would just shake his head.

One of the other girls (who was helping as well) there seem to be impatient with him.  I felt most of the time she made him want his dad more than calm him down.

Another boy named Eagan, was just the cutest.  I played some games with him and he kept looking like he wanted to cry as well.  But the times I got him to smile, were the best.  Him smiling made me happy.

Then there was Titan.  Haha, oh boy.  I was sitting at a table with him.  He’s three years old by the way.  He was like: “I’m going to make use some food!” And I was like, okay.  He found some plates, a face milk, and a bowl.  He brought them to the table and put one plate in front of him.  I asked him if we should pray for our food.  He nodded and put his two little hands in front of him.  I did the same and waited.  He didn’t pray so I called Ava (the cute bossy little girl of the bunch) to come pray and eat with us.  She wanted a plate, so I gave her the bowl.  Then, Ava and Titan prayed together… somehow.  After that, we ate!

Ava the cutest little girl… usually has babies who are sick!  She’s so fun!

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